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5 Everyday Foods that Could Increase your Cancer Risk

Cancer is a diagnosis that no one wants to face and one that is devastating for both patient and family. Cancer UK now estimate that 1 in 2 people born after 1960 will face the disease which is a frankly terrifying statistic. The good news is that 42% of cancer cases in the UK are preventable and by embracing a healthy lifestyle you can improve your chances of avoiding cancer altogether. Some risk factors for cancer, such as smoking, are well known but diet and lifestyle also play an important role. We’ve investigated 5 everyday foods that have been linked to an increased cancer risk below:


Excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to a staggering 30% of Oral and Pharynx (Upper Throat) cancers as well as breast and prostate cancer. Drink in moderation to lower your risk of these diseases.

Red and Processed Meat

Recent research has linked a diet high in these meats to an increased risk of cancer and particularly bowel cancer. Increase your fish and white meat intake to dial down this risk.

High Sugar Foods

Obesity is a serious risk factor for cancer and therefore sweet treats should be limited in a healthy diet. Research has also found that sugar can cause existing cancer tumours to increase in size and severity.


High salt intake (more than 6g a day) creates an increased risk of stomach cancer. The risk is 2/3 higher for those who eat a large amount of salt than in the general population. Avoid over seasoning foods and use alternative flavourings such as spices to reduce this risk.

Saturated Fat

Found in butter, cream and cheese alongside a whole host of processed goods this type of fat has been identified as having a potential link to increased risk of breast cancer. Choose healthier fats found in oily fish, avocados and nuts to improve your diet and reduce cancer risk factors.

Embrace a healthy diet to improve your chances of avoiding cancer and living a full and healthy life. Still worried about the potential impact of serious illness? Speak to a Star advisor about Critical Illness Cover today.