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5 Safest Places to Live in the UK

We all want to live in neighbourhoods that feel safe, secure and free from crime. The reality is that your postcode can say a lot about how safe you are likely to feel. Crime stats, local amenities and community interaction all feed into how secure we feel in our local area. So, where in the UK is the safest place to set up home? We looked at the safest cities in the UK by level of crime and brought together the top 5 below:


Scotland’s third city is the safest city in the UK by crime rate. It’s also a bustling and vibrant place to live, study and play. It’s nicknamed the granite city for its wealth of grey stoned Victorian architecture.

2. Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital is not only a beautiful and ancient city, it’s a really safe one too. Friendly inhabitants, a spectacular castle and a fabulous food and drink scene make this one of the most appealing places to live in the UK.

3. Bath

Historic bath with its Georgian architecture and famous pump room comes top of the list for England when it comes to crime rates. Levels of burglary, robbery and violence all come in well below the national average. Beware though, the average cost of a home in Bath will set you back in excess of £400,000.

4. Birmingham

The UK’s second most populous city after London has often had an unglamorous reputation. The truth is that Birmingham has enjoyed a huge renaissance in recent years with regeneration and innovation making this an exciting place to live. It’s also the second safest city in England.

5. Bournemouth

Proving it is lovely to be by the seaside, Bournemouth makes it into the top 5 safest cities in the UK. It has one of the lowest rates of robbery in the country alongside beautiful Victorian architecture and a famous pier.

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