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Gadget protective clothing

Many of us routinely carry around hundreds of pounds of technology every day. From tablets to smart phones and wireless headphones we shove these luxury items in our pocket or bag without a moments thought. It’s likely your gadgets are the most expensive items you own, but many of us don’t protect them very well. One easy way to prevent loss, accidents or theft is to wear our gadgets more smartly, with that in mind we’ve tracked down the best clothing for keeping your technology safe.

Anti Pick Pocket Trousers

Many adventure and travel wear companies now stock trousers with internal zipping or ‘double-lock’ mechanisms making it harder for your valuables to get lost or stolen. Trousers are available in a range of practical styles for both men and women. If you work in an industry like construction where you are on the move a lot these could be a great investment.

T Shirts with Hidden Pockets

This is a travel focused invention which crosses over into everyday use. Many feature a zip across the chest for storing valuable goods. They can be worn on their own or underneath other items for double layered security.

Pocket Socks

Another entry on the gadget protection market is these clever little socks that feature a zipped side pocket for valuables and gadgets. It’s unlikely that thieves will target your socks although it can make accessing your gadgets a little tricky.

Storage Bras

As crazy as it may seem a number of brands have now created bras with pockets either in the centre or the straps to allow you to stow valuables safely and discreetly. Perfect for keeping your phone out of sight, these girls only storage solutions may just catch on.

However, and wherever you store your gadgets make sure you prepare for worst with great gadget insurance from Star. Get in touch today and protect your technology.