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6 Reasons to Switch Your Home Insurance

Not all home insurance policies (or providers) are created equal, and you can - and should - switch to a new home insurance provider if you feel you are overpaying or aren't getting the right coverage. Read more
How to Protect Yourself Against Unexpected Vet Bills

How to Protect Yourself Against Unexpected Vet Bills

We all dread the day our beloved furry family member gets sick or injured - it's always incredibly stressful, especially if you are concerned you won't be able to afford the unexpected bill.Read more

The 5 Most Bizarre Insurance Claims

From strange accident circumstances to frankly weird losses there are a whole world of bizarre insurance files out there. We all love a silly insurance story and we have collected five of the best below. Read more

The 5 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the UK

Let's get something straight. Most dogs are absolutely our best friends. They love us, slobber on us and provide us lots of companionship and love. Nevertheless, dog attacks do happen and they can be serious especially for children.Read more

Watch Your Step: 3 of the Nastiest Animals Abroad

When planning your next exotic break you are probably dreaming of palm trees and cocktails rather than snakes and spiders...Read more

10 Essential Travel Tips

A long-awaited holiday is one of the best feelings in the world but whether you’re travelling to a tropical beach or an alpine resort there are a few essential jobs to take care of before you board the plane. Read more

5 Tips to Stay Safe this Bonfire Night

It's that time of year again! This weekend bonfires will light up our skies whilst fireworks whizz, bang and pop through the evening. You might even spot a Guy Fawkes or two getting his comeuppance! Read more

5 Times your Phone was Essential

Mobile Phones are so welded to our day to day lives that it is hard to remember a time when they were not everywhere. Essential for everything from directing us to a new restaurant to capturing a special moment we would be literally lost without them. Read more

Breathing Problems in Dogs: 3 High Risk Breeds

We Brits love our canine companions with almost a quarter of households including a pet pooch. Recently, a new wave of short faced breeds have captured our hearts and are rising in popularity. Read more

3 Backpacking Headaches (And How to handle them)

For many of us the opportunity to wander around the world for a few months is a dream come true. One bag, a one-way ticket and plenty of adventure along the way. But along with the gorgeous beaches and colourful cultures comes a long list of potential probRead more