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The 5 Most Expensive Countries for Healthcare

In the UK, the widespread provision of free and accessible healthcare can make us naïve about the potential cost of treatment abroad. But with the cost of accessing good medical care an expensive luxury in many well-trodden tourist spots you should always take out great travel insurance. We’ve brought together the five most expensive treatment spots below (based on FCO research):


1. USA

Right at the top of the list by a fair way comes our American cousins. With an average procedure costing over 15 thousand pounds, an accident on holiday could cost more than your family car!

2. Singapore

Popular as a stop off point to far flung climes, Singapore is a truly cosmopolitan destination with a healthcare bill that may make your eyes water. You could be looking at a seven thousand pound bill for a broken bone.

3. Egypt

Still popular with Brits looking for winter sun, Egypt is famous for its Pyramids and Pharaohs. You may have to be an Egyptian king to foot your medical bill here though with average treatment costs coming in at over six thousand pounds.

4. Turkey

A favourite package holiday spot for many, Turkey’s popular beach resorts and bargain prices keep sun seekers returning again and again. The bargains don’t extend to healthcare with average treatment weighing in at over five thousand pounds.


From bustling Athens to sleepy islands, Greece is the quintessential Mediterranean holiday spot. It’s not however a great place to have an unexpected illness or accident. As in Turkey your medical costs here are likely to exceed five thousand pounds.

On top of your treatment costs, cancelled flights and the cost of accommodation for family can all add up to an extremely expensive illness abroad. Don’t take any chances, contact ST&R today to make sure you have the best possible travel cover.