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The Top 4 Extreme Snow Sports

Are you addicted to that rush of adrenaline that comes from pushing your body harder and faster than you have before? Do alpine pursuits get your heart pumping for all the right reasons? Or perhaps you just want to discover a new way to get your kicks this winter? We’ve brought together the top 4 fear inducing snow sports to help you find the ultimate thrill on and off the slopes.

Snow Kiting

Use a specially designed kite to glide across wide open snowy plains. This sport requires a fair amount of overall fitness and good upper body strength but unlike snowboarding or skiing means you can travel uphill or across flat terrain. Speeds can reach up to 70mph making this a wild winter ride.

Ice Climbing

Ever thought about hacking your way up a frozen waterfall? No? You probably should do if you’re looking for an extreme thrill and a killer workout. Adapting methods from traditional rock climbing ice climbing requires expertise and a good level of fitness. Make sure you find a great instructor to guide you before setting off on a climb.

Ski Jumping

Fast, dangerous and with a high degree of broken bones this sport definitely finds its way on to the list of extreme winter sports. Budding jumpers should start off small and luckily a number of slopes offer beginners jump areas complete with inflatable crash mat.

Snow Kayaking

This evolved as an off-season sport for kayakers but has rapidly gained its own extreme following. Combining elements of sledging and snowboarding it’s a tough, fast and extremely bumpy ride. Not all resorts allow it so check before you travel.

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