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Top 3 Lifestyle Choices Affecting Ease of Family Protection in UK

Which of the following describes you best?

A)    Super cyclist, a nutritional nut and an avoider of alcohol?

B)    Someone who tries to keep fit but have an incredibly tasty sweet tooth and enjoy occasional visits to the pub?

C)    A happy, live life to the full character with no time to exercise and partial to the odd cigarette?

D)    Madly stressed, hard worker with difficulty kicking smoking and heavy alcohol consumption?


Your lifestyle affects your health, which in turn affects how easy it is to protect your family finances in the event of the unthinkable.  Let’s look at the 3 determining factors; the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good

If you’re fit as a fiddle, you know that exercise encourages a good diet and improves your state of mind.  If you’re not as fit as you would like to be, it can be very difficult to get started, but the less active your are, the more your diet and overall health, will suffer long term.

The Bad

It’s rare that very fit people have a high consumption of alcohol and indeed, the less exercise you have or the more stressed you are, can lead to increased consumption of alcohol.  It also depends what you do for a living, and what expectations networking or client entertainment have on you.  I know first-hand that drinking increasingly during a week can sneak up on you, and can become an unintended bad habit.

The Ugly

Yes.  It’s the ‘S’ word.  If you don’t smoke your body is in a much healthier state than those who choose to, and similarly, there are those who smoke socially.  Whether it’s social or serious, this is the biggest factor, (aside from age) that impacts how easy it is to protect your family in the event of a fatal accident, all because of the associated health risks.

If you’re 35 and smoke, you will pay on average 73.4% more a month for £200,000 cover than someone your age who doesn’t. Everyone has their own individual circumstances, but if you want the best life advice – it is a given that in most cases, the ­younger you get protection, the cheaper your premiums will be.

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Quotes were received from our insurers and were retrieved in December 2016.  All quotes are subject to individual circumstances, medical conditions and lifestyle choices.