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As an experienced Call Centre within the Financial Services sector, we are perfectly placed to help you gain the best possible results within your business. Starting with an appraisal of your current operation, we will carry out a 'health check' to help you understand your position - agreeing your strengths and addressing any problem areas. This will then lead to increased performance, motivated staff, and an expertise in 'REAL' know how of target chasing, which of course leads to increased revenue and returning customers. see our testimonials
James Slater
Group CEO

ST&R is the brainchild of James Slater. James has spent more than 20 years working in the Financial Services sector. Always believing there was a much better way to provide insurance products, he created ST&R in 2012.

James also set up ‘Our Insurance Vault’ and ST&R’s fully accredited NVQ training academy where the insurance ST&R’s of tomorrow are taught.

James says “I established ‘Our Insurance Vault’ because I wanted to create a safe place for our customers to store their insurance policies with the benefit of 24/7 access – and to make getting the best deal at renewal time extremely simple and straightforward.”

Natasha Slater
Group CFO

Group Co-founder Natasha shares James’s passion for offering outstanding products, value and customer service. She takes care of all financial aspects of the group businesses, and assists with their smooth day-to-day running.

“Everything we do is for the benefit of our customers,” she says.

“When you have family-run and owned businesses, it’s extremely important to provide a first-class service and recognise the considerable responsibility of helping people select the most suitable insurance products.”

Steve Lomas
Group COO

Steve worked with James for many years before helping him build ST&R, ‘Our Insurance Vault’ and ST&R’s training academy. Steve’s focus is centred on the quality of advice given to customers.

“I like to save customers money, but not at the cost of cover,” he says.

Steve is also passionate about the ST&R Academy and the career opportunities it provides locally. “We have always believed that our best people are our homegrown talent,” he adds.

Sarah Griffiths
Sales Director

Just like Steve, Sarah has been with ST&R since the outset and brings real stability and knowledge to the business.

Calling on her many years of providing expert insurance advice, Sarah knows exactly what customers are looking for – and how to provide it. Sarah’s goal is to make sure all ST&R employees meet the high expectations set by James

Sarah says “James expects the highest standards and supports us all in ensuring they are met”.

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