The 5 Most Bizarre Insurance Claims


From strange accident circumstances to frankly weird losses there are a whole world of bizarre insurance files out there. We all love a silly insurance story and we have collected five of the best below.

1. Cowtastrophe

You have to feel for the couple enjoying a relaxing break in the south of France. An idyllic holiday was interrupted when they had to make a claim for paint damage to their car. The culprit? A herd of COWS had licked it clean!

2. Goosed

A keen Enfield chef attempted to up the culinary stakes and barbecue a whole goose. Unfortunately, he hadn’t reckoned on the heat produced by this fatty meat. The result was a melted barbecue and over a thousand pounds’ worth of damage.

3. Three for the Price of One

An unlucky US driver started off a really bad day by rear-ending the car in front. Reversing to examine the damage he struck the car behind. To add further injury to insult he opened his door to survey both sets of damage and knocked a passing cyclist off his bike. Oops!

4. Tight Spot

2 drivers in a supermarket car park sparked a whole chain of insurance claims with some over keen parking. They both turned into a parking bay at exactly the same time, becoming wedged between the cars on either side. An interested crowd quickly gathered and the fire brigade had to be called to release the embarrassed motorists.

5. Teeth Overboard

Claims for lost false teeth are much more common than you might think. One of our favourites is the travel insurance claimant who lost his teeth overboard during a particularly violent bout of sea sickness!

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