The Top 3 Career Catastrophes

The road to success is rarely a smooth one and nowhere is this more true than in our careers. After years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice in your chosen field it can be frustrating to be met with a career pot hole.

Gadget protective clothing

We all love our ‘waggy tailed’, four legged friends, and it’s quite common for your household pets to be seen as more than just animal and more like a family member…

The 5 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the UK


Let’s get something straight. Most dogs are absolutely our best friends. They love us, slobber on us and provide us lots of companionship and love. Nevertheless, dog attacks do happen and they can be serious especially for children.

The 5 Most Bizarre Insurance Claims


From strange accident circumstances to frankly weird losses there are a whole world of bizarre insurance files out there. We all love a silly insurance story and we have collected five of the best below.