Meet the team

Meet the dedicated professionals behind our success. Get to know the faces driving innovation and excellence

James Slater

Chief Executive Officer

James co-founded ST&R in 2012 alongside his Wife, Natasha, to provide honest, straightforward and expert advice to customers.

Setting himself apart from strategic-focused CEOs, he is known for his hands-on approach, understanding the needs of ST&R at all levels, offering a wealth of ‘know-how’ in the ever-evolving financial services sector. James is an influential leader of people who remains committed to delivering the highest standards of innovation, to achieve persistently improved performance across the ST&R board.

James ‘lives for his family’, especially Natasha and their three children and, in the days before ST&R he was an International Judo Coach with his Father.

Ross Harrington

Managing Director

With 30 years’ experience in managing large corporate businesses in an insurer and client environment across all regions and London. Skilled at taking ownership and accountability to deliver strong solutions for insurer, broker and clients relationships with experience across sales and distribution, underwriting, product & propositions, claims and risk management.

"I’m absolutely delighted to be joining such a vibrant and exciting team. With what is already a winning dynamic, I’m looking forward to heading the project and bringing in the next chapter in the evolution of this exciting business".

Roger Swansbury

Finance Director

Rog is the Group’s Finance Director, having joined the Company in 2020. He is also a co-founder of Fortifix.

Prior to joining ST&R, Rog held senior finance roles in owner managed businesses, PLCs and internationally operating entities, specialising in high growth and distressed businesses.

He holds a BSc in Mathematics from Aberystwyth University and is a Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (“FCCA”).

Rog plays hockey at a high level and is always up for a challenge or adventure to raise money for charity including breaking a world record.

Sarah Griffiths

Operations Director

Sarah is the Group’s Operations Director, having joined the Company in 2012 when the business was formed.

She has extensive experience developed from working in various roles across the business and was promoted to her current role in 2015. She oversees the call centre for both iReview and ST&R.

Sarah has developed a deep understanding of ST&R’s day-to-day needs, in line with all the providers metrics. As Sarah has moved through the company, she has experienced all aspects of ST&R which gives her an edge in understanding the company’s operational needs.

George Eastham

Head of Sales

George joined the team with over twenty years of senior management experience. Working heavily within both the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and Insurance industries, George has a vast knowledge in the successful implementations and delivery of large scale multi product campaigns in both B2B and B2C environments.

"Our people are the magic of our business, we eat, breathe and sleep an attitude of excellence in all our people, beginning with ourselves as the key stakeholders in their success".

Addam Giffard

Head of IT and Marketing

Addam joins the team with over twenty years of IT Management and digital marketing experience. Having piloted the successful delivery of many high-level digital transformation initiatives, Addam will be instrumental in the progressive improvements of the integrated IT functions along with the Marketing and Promotion of ST&R to build a well-respected and recognisable household brand nationwide.

"Digital transformation is the blueprint for any company that wants to catapult their business forward with a concept that constantly improves and simplifies the service that we provide to our customers".

Ann Mourby

Head of HR

Ann joined the business with over twenty years of HR experience working in a variety of different business sectors with brands such as Lockheed Martin, IBM and Marconi. Ann heads up all HR activities within ST&R and is heavily involved in the back-end management and process implementation that is integral to the smooth running of our business.

"Opportunities are everywhere within our business; we are fast paced and exciting and take huge pride in the way we develop our people creating long lasting and rewarding careers".

Lauren Berry

Project Manager

Lauren joined the team in Spring 2024 with a First-Class Honours degree in Law, which provided her with huge skills in preparation, organisation and communication; three essential qualities, which form the pillars of Project Management. Lauren is instrumental in the co-ordinating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing out of projects, that are pivotal in driving our business forward. Lauren has extensive experience in the Financial Services sector, primarily focused on steering and delivering technical changes, and is a huge arm to our support function.

"Team ST&R strives to deliver the very best regardless of department or position, this is what struck me upon arrival, a singular mindset which in turn creates a fantastic culture of excitement and continuous desire to improve".

Matt Lennon

Finance Manager

Matt is not only a key figurehead when it comes to making sure the numbers tally, he is a massive part of the ST&R engine assisting with many key projects. Matt has spent the last ten years working in multinational finance teams with business giants such as Cultura and SpecTec group, from here he has been involved in various strategic initiatives and in his spare time, Matt likes to collect trainers and has amassed over 50 pairs and runs his own UK based sneaker community.

"ST&R has given me the opportunity to work for an independent company with a huge familial feel, this enables a huge proactive approach to improve quickly and effectively where necessary".

Leanne Hodgson

Compliance Manager

Leanne is key to liaising with our providers to ensure that our teams are delivering both up to the minute recommendations and giving the very best advice to our customers. With masses of experience in quality assurance working with key brands such as Co-Operative, Barclays and Nationwide, Leanne has major experience including finance, investment, mortgages and onboarding sectors.

"As with any business of our nature, effective compliance management is key to protecting our customers, we are constantly evolving our processes to ensure that we deliver only the best in terms of advice and service".

Saq Saleem

Sales Manager

A powerhouse of professionalism and managerial experience, with a natural ability to drive his team forward, Saq delivers outstanding customer service and demands only the very best from himself and his people. With a strong background in operational management, he joined us with a wealth of experience from companies such as Esure, Direct Line and British Gas. His key skills are project management, mentorship, people development and customer service.

"The first thing that strikes you at ST&R is the energy, its infectious and makes you want to be involved. Ideas are welcomed with everyone having a voice and a sense of value. We run as a singular unit with each department working closely together always challenging the status quo to improve the services that we provide".